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Starring on Shaqtin A Fool, J A V A L E McGEE (Shaq voice) ! Seriously, he tried to tear Ty Lawson’s ACL on this play this dude is dangerous.

Joey is just nastaayyy with the handle here on the Truth.

Tony Parker this is embarrassing.

I know it’s only 6 games in the young season but these USA Today/ESPN and AP polls are very misleading to say the least.

The Preseason Top 25 that had the over-hyped UCLA  ranked 13th drop out completely of the AP polls and is 24th in USA Today/ESPN. Even more concerning, juniors Tyler Lamb and Josh Smith have defected and opted to transfer which will hurt once Pac-12 play begins for Ben Howland’s young squad.

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"Age is just a state of mind." Got to love ‘Uncle Drew’ and "Uncle Wes". 

Can this be the year that the Minnesota Timberwolves return to the playoffs since the Kevin Garnett era? These young T-Wolves are making their case to end their nine year playoffless streak.

They’re off to a early 3-1 start and currently sitting third in the Western Conference without their franchise players Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio.

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At this pace, Jamal Crawford will have 82 victims by the end of the season. 

MWP left in quick sand by Jamal Crawford. Just another nightly crossover for him though, best handles in the league. 

The Men In Black of the Los Angeles Clippers. Costume of the night haha.

Something is cooking in the Bayou, fresh start to the Hornets season with a crazy alley-oop to Al-Farouq Aminu from heady point guard Greivis Vasquez.